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The Safeguard Clause (Article 8 of the Medical Device Directive)

So why is the safeguard clause so darn important? Can you say market withdraw? The short and sweet answer is that the safeguard clause can be used by EU member states to quickly pursue an appropriate path of action when medical devices that have entered into the European market are deemed not to be safe and effective. When a member state has ascertained that a medical device can adversely impact the health and safety of patients and users, it is required by the Medical Device Directive (MDD) to immediately pursue the market withdraw for the suspect medical device.

Learn more about regulatory guidelines around the world by attending the Regulatory, Quality, and Global Developments conference track at MD&M Minneapolis.

Once a member state has made the decision to force a market withdraw or block entry of a medical device into the EU, the member state is required to notify the commission immediately. Additionally, the member state must provide valid reasons for its decision to force a product withdraw and/or block entry of a device. Article 8 delineates three salient reasons for such a decision being made, as related to a failure to comply with the MDD. For example: (a) a device failing to meet its essential requirements as delineated under Article 3 of the MDD; (b) the incorrect applications of standards, as delineated under Article 5 of the MDD (claiming compliance to a standard that has not been applied or properly applied); and/or (c) the standard has an issue (not effective). However, it should be noted that the decision of a member state is not necessarily final. For example, the commission is tasked with bringing all concerned parties to the proverbial table and determining if the actions taken are actually justified.

If the measures are deemed to be justified: (a) the commission will notify all member states; and (b) oversee the amending of nonessential elements of the MDD. Remember, the fundamental goal is to protect the health and safety of the patient and user. If the commission determines the actions pursued by the member state are unjustified, the commission is tasked with the immediate notification of the member state, which initiated the action, and the medical device manufacturer and/or its authorized representative. Finally, if it has been determined that a noncompliant device has a CE Marking of Conformity affixed to the product and/or packaging, member states are required to take appropriate action, including informing the commission and other member states of the violation of the directive.

In closing, the best practice is always to:

  • Design devices that are safe and effective in their intended use;
  • Ensure proper device application is made and subsequently approved by your notified body; and
  • Only affix a CE Mark, once approval is received from the notified body. 
To learn more about bringing medical devices to market across the globe, attend the Regulatory, Quality, and Global Developments conference track at MD&M Minneapolis.

Bob MehtaBob Mehta is principal consultant and recruiter of GMP ISO Expert Services, a Los Angeles/Orange/San Diego County-based consulting firm specializing in global supplier quality management, supporting quality systems for FDA-ISO-regulated companies and their professional staffing needs. Mehta has more than 22 years of experience in the fields of quality, regulatory compliance, regulatory and notified body inspections, supply management, and risk management. Mehta holds MSQA, MBA, B.S. (Chem), and ASQ - CSSBB, CQE, CRE, CSQE, CBA, CQA, CPA certifications. He serves on the committee of the Industry Board of Advisor for Medical Device Industry Education Consortium (MDIEC). He is heavily involved in remediating and implementing the risk-based quality systems and supplier audit program for Fortune 500 clients in a variety of industries, including medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and neutraceutical.




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If you would like a lot of VPS servers to access websites from the big selection of countries, you might have to overlook TunnelBear as it has only twenty+ nations around the world to search as a result of.

While VPN services offer a wide variety of abilities, we came up with a brief list of necessary factors for evaluating them.

The next advantage is that Hotspot Defend VPN also offers picture compression for knowledge performance, permitting you to pick from amongst four unique compression configurations. This is the excellent choice to have in the event you entry the web more than 3G, 4G or LTE networks.

If price is your major worry and you also don’t want to invest quite a bit, Private Internet Access is your best bet. But if you would like delight in top quality VPN services with leading-notch link speeds and impeccable buyer support, StrongVPN is definitely the service you need.

The VPN apps for Android help you to hook up the internet via any public/private WiFi relationship recognizing that no-one will ever have the capacity to get hold of one's info and hamper it.

Initial we checked out how effortless the VPNs are to arrange and use. Then we checked how much facts you will get for free and the quantity of useful exit nodes the VPNs connect with.

Based on a modern poll, the end users desire downloading the VPN apps on their own Android devices a lot more than manually configuring it since it saves their time and Electricity. The VPN application routes the information getting sent/acquired from the Android unit to save you with the paws of hackers and snoopers.

As you've got read through over, equally of such VPN iOS apps boast some really serious pros around another, but in the long run your alternative will rely upon your sort of usage, since fundamental functionalities like privateness and easy access to each Site are current in both equally of these.

To begin with, check the pricing options to view if the VPN service provider has distinctive deals for its Android buyers. Some VPN service providers offer you minimal capabilities when their services are utilized on intelligent telephone devices and tabs.

The invisible torrent service also provides secure encrypted vpn and entry to nine different servers. In the same way, the last word prepare gives users multiple connections which can be handy when using mobile devices.

I am acquiring a median velocity of 600B/s on P2P working with Express which is about half of what I get working with iPredator. You are able to try iPredator for free so Examine this out yourself.

Android people are engulfed with threats on consistent basis. The cryptographers and mobile phone protection pioneers from over the world, in order To optimize the security of Android, had been compelled to develop the Blackphone – an Android cellular phone.


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Hello! I'm a Rom, I would like to challenge the whole world with the kind of games follows:First,  Super Smash Flash is a series of non-profit, fighting, crossover, fan-made Flash games published by indie website McLeodGaming.It is based on the Super Smash Bros. series. Second, You’ll have to be very ingenious to pass the levels in the game. At a high level, you will face many difficulties.  Rolling Sky 2 Online has 14 levels for you to conquer, if you pass level 14, you really are a top player. And finally, Drag the ball left or right and avoid all obstacles. Do not deviate from track! Come on! Relentless pursuit of super speed. You can be faster along with the music rhythm!  Rolling Sky Game is a 3D game. There are many different levels of play at the levels of increasing difficulty. At a high level, you will have to overcome many more obstacles, requires ingenuity, agility and persistence.Are you ready?

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